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Paw Provisions

Assisting the animals of Wilmington that belong to those who lack shelter but want companionship, and those who live in the wild but depend on the kindness of many who provide food and care for their needs, Wilmington Animal Centrix (WAC) has created a program known as Paw Provisions. With the support and donations of wonderful sponsors, WAC is able to donate food and provide spay and neuter vouchers for those animals that need assistance. The focus of Paw Provisions is on the pets that belong to the homeless community and the cats that live in outdoor colonies/communities throughout the Wilmington area.


To participate in Paw Provisions, the owner or caregiver of the animal/s in need must agree to the following: 

  • All animals will be spayed or neutered (with WAC help if needed)

  • Pet owners and caregivers must demonstrate a critical need for the resources provided by WAC

How could your donations help?

        $15 can feed up to 10 Community Cats or 1 Dog for 2 Weeks 


- OR -


        $25 can feed up to 20 Community Cats or 2 Dogs for 2 Weeks 


- OR -


        $50 can provide 1 Spay/Neuter Voucher for a Dog or Cat, or Feed Multiple Cat Colonies or 4 Dogs for 2 weeks   


- OR -


- OR -


If you’d like to be one of our ongoing sponsors, please consider a monthly or yearly donation. Here are some examples of Paw Provision sponsorship levels:


Biggest Impact!


Paw Provider

$15 / Month
- or - 
$180 / Year

Furever Friend

$25 / Month
- or - 
$300 / Year

Provision Partner

$50 / Month
- or - 
$600 / Year

Any contribution is welcome, one time or ongoing!


Donating is easy and all contributions are tax-deductible.

Together, let’s help the homeless population who want to have a pet for companionship, keep that pet healthy and well-fed. And together, let’s help the community cats of Wilmington by preventing overpopulation and maintaining health and wellness with good food and the support of selfless caregivers.

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