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Humane Education

Humane Animal Education for children is vital to ensure they grow up with compassion towards animals. It aids them in making socially-responsible choices and is a great way for all family members to become involved and educated in caring for their pets.


Our programs are specialized for specific age groups to best serve families of all sizes!

Pet Care & Kids!

Pets are part of the family and allowing all family members to help care for their furry friends is a great way to teach responsibility and grow life-long bonds. Below is a list of age-appropriate recommendations provided by Family Education for involving kids with pet care.

Age Appropriate Ways for Kids to Help!
Age 3 and Under
  • Simply explain proper handling and behavior around your pets (i.e.- no tail pulling)

  • Have them “help” you while feeding your pets

Ages 4 and 5
  • Practice proper handling of pets

  • Practice safe treat-giving

  • Allow children to assist with pet chores such as holding part of the leash during a walk

Ages 6 through 8
  • Teach children how to ask for simple commands and tricks from your pet

  • Allow them to brush your pet and play games such as fetch

  • Practice solo walking of smaller dogs in a fenced-in area

Ages 8 through 11
  • Allow solo walking of the dog, under a watchful eye when needed

  • Encourage help with picking up waste or cleaning the litterbox – teaching proper hygiene

  • Teach children how to bathe and feed the pet

Age 12 and up
  • Allow children “full care” of the pet

To establish routine and accountability for children, Pet Chore Charts can be helpful! 

An editable Pet Care Chart Example from InfoPls can be found here: My Pet Care Chart


This chart is great to use for the whole family!

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