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Identifying Equine Neglect 

If you see something, say something! Here are some guidelines to aid in identification of equine neglect:

  • Is clean, freshwater readily available?

  • Are the animals being provided food daily? Access to grass pasture and/or hay/grain?

  • Are the hay feeders clean and safe?

  • Does the hay or grain look moldy or spoiled?

  • Does the animal(s) bodyweight appear appropriate? – A body condition score chart can be found here for reference.

  • Do the animals have appropriate access to shelter?

  • Are the shelters/barn safe and generally clean?    


If you feel the situation should be investigated, call your local animal control or sheriff’s department. To help with the investigation, it is important to provide the following information:

  • Geographic location of the animal (exact address, if possible).

  • Date, time, and weather conditions; note the temperature if possible.

  • Description of the animal: any distinguishing markings, other important features (e.g. injuries).

  • Description of the physical surroundings: type of enclosure, type of footing (e.g., muddy, pasture), if food and water are available, type of food and water, if shelter is available, and if so what kind, the state of the enclosure (e.g. clean or cluttered).

  • Note any other animals in the enclosure. If there is more than one animal you’re concerned about, use the guidelines above to make notes about each.

  • If possible, take photos. Be mindful not to trespass or endanger your safety.




Cape Fear Equine Rescue
1146 Little Kelly Road
Rocky Point, NC 28457

Serves Brunswick, Columbus, Pender, New Hanover, Onslow, and Duplin counties

Riding on FAITH Equine Rescue
2582 Josh Circle
Supply, NC 28462
(910) 233-8992

Serves Brunswick County

Horse Protection Society of NC 
2135 Miller Road 
China Grove NC 28023

Serves all of North Carolina



County Specific Animal Control List​

New Hanover County 

3950 Juvenile Center Road
Castle Hayne, NC 28429


Sampson County

168 Agriculture Place
Clinton, NC
(910) 592-8493


Pender County
3280 New Savannah Rd
Burgaw, NC


Onslow County
244 Georgetown Road
Jacksonville, NC


Brunswick County
429 Green Swamp Road
Supply, NC


Duplin County 
117 Middleton Cemetery LN
Kenansville, NC 28349